I’ve worked with Complete Control as an animator on 3 series of this lovely show for BBC CBeebies. Nick Cope’s Popcast takes place in a magical world of music, animals, rainbows and dragons which is brought to life through a combination of live-action and 2D animation.

I was brought on to the first series as a compositor initially, adding bits of live action to the animated songs and animation to the live action sequences. By the end of that series I took on more and more animation duties and on later series’ my role was to take the rough animations and get them to a final, broadcast-ready standard while implementing any changes from the various parties involved.

My experience as both an editor and an animator was really helpful here as it meant I was able to ensure that the flow of the camera and rhythm of the edit was working, as well as polishing or adding in additional character and background animation. Whilst the main Nick and Norman animations are created in Spine, I was able to use my knowledge of DUIK to rig many of the background characters seen throughout the show.